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About Us


I started cutting friends and family because they could not afford haircuts growing up. Once I developed the skill and realized I had a passion for it, I saved up money and went to school. I’ve been cutting professionally for 13 years. Worked alongside Burl for 8 years then opened up my own shop almost 3 years ago. 

The best part is being able a professional barber is changing how someone feels afterwards. They can feel so good about themselves.


I started going to Deshawn almost 7 years ago. I was always interested in hair since a young age, but I also loved working with children so went for early childhood education. I started hanging more out at the barbershop and I decided to follow my heart and go into the industry. This allows me to follow my passion while still working with children and work in a family-friendly environment. 

I was self-taught but had the opportunity to have a couple mentors along the way, which have helped me progress at a rapid pace. I’ve been cutting professionally for almost two years. The best part is seeing the smile and people confidence have after a getting a great hair cut and building a relationship with regulars.